What is the Value of a Garden Room in the Long Term?

What is the Value of a Garden Room in the Long Term?

What Is The Value of Garden Rooms Long Term - Ireland

If you’re going to spend money on something for your home, you need and want to see a return on your investment. In this post we’ll look at how can a Garden Room add value to you, in the short term and in the long term.

A Garden Room Adds Value to Your Life

A Garden Room creates a unique space for your needs. Your need could be for a Home Office – a space away from the home to work and thereby separating home and work life. Or it could be space for a teenager, to hang out with their friends or study in peace. Other uses for a Garden Room include a Home Gym to complete your healthy and balanced lifestyle, or a hobby or music room, where you can be free to explore your talents! Whatever the need for your Garden Room, this high quality, exceptionally well insulated and beautiful space is going to add value to your life by creating the space you need.

Value Added To Home from Garden Room

Value Added To Your Home From A Garden Room

Studies have shown that a Garden Room can add between 5-7% to the value of your home. Garden Rooms are designed primarily as a permanent structure to last 2-3 generations in your garden. Our Garden Rooms are finished as a complete structure which prevents them from being disassembled at a later point.* This means that down the line, if you’re moving house, your property is greatly enhanced with a Garden Room already in place, putting you ahead of any competition.

Impact of A Garden Room When Selling Your House

Feedback from previous customers that have sold their home with a Garden Room as part of the sale has been that if 10 people view your home, 7 could be indifferent to the Garden Room but 3 could fight over the house if a decent premium Garden Room comes with it. A senior director in Sherry Fitzgearld, who happened to also be a past Garden Rooms customer, believes the enjoyment and use you get from your Garden Room far exceeds the concern of the value of the Garden Room when it comes to selling the house. If your family needs extra space today, this can be easily obtained with a Garden Room, without having to worry about the future value of your house.

Moving House or A Garden Room

Many will toy with the idea of moving house (or building an extension), when the need for more space arises. Families often want to stay in the same area they currently live in, to avoid moving schools or sport clubs or removing their children from their current network of friends in their area. The idea of moving house for the sake of more space may never be an option for some, or could cost between €140,000 – €180,000 to move from a 3 bed to a 4 bedroom in the same area. Going to a Garden Room to create a new, separate space in the end of the garden might make the most sense instead, with the cost of a Garden Room being between €21,000 to €50,000.

Long Term Value of a Garden Room Ireland

The Long Term Value of A Garden Room

If you’ve been considering a Garden Room but have been concerned about the value it will add to you, please do contact us. We have a long list of satisfied customers who would be able to give you their feedback on the value our Garden Room has created for them. For more info give us a call now on +353 1 8642 888 or contact us online!

*In exceptional circumstances it may be possible, using a crane, to move a Garden Room, however we would need to be made aware of this prior to construction commencing to ensure a steel base is installed under the building. Please note there is an additional cost for this steel base. The new site would also have to be easily accessible, and free of overhead wires in order for the Garden Room to be fitting in via crane.