Do the Garden Rooms come with a guarantee?

At GardenRooms.ie we are committed to crafting the highest quality Garden Rooms in the market. With over 20 years experience we endeavour to create an effortless experience for the customer. All of our products now come with a 10 year guarantee and a level of customer service you would expect from Ireland’s leading premium Garden Room provider.

Can I take my room with me if I move?

GARDEN ROOMS are designed primarily as a permanent structure to last 2-3 generations in your garden therefore they are finished as a complete structure this preventing them from being disassembled at a later point.

Remember if moving house, your property is greatly enhanced with an Office or Teenage Den already in place in the garden and will put you ahead of any competition.

In exceptional circumstances however it may be possible, using a crane, to move a GARDEN ROOM, but we would need to be made aware of this before initial construction commences to ensure a steel base is installed under the building (understandably there is an additional cost for this). There are also concerns about ‘craning out’ the GARDEN ROOM as the new site must be free of overhead wires etc.

What type of windows and doors are used in Garden Rooms?

A 1.2 UV glass rating is standard as all our glass is A Rated, shatter proof and comes with argon gas as standard.

All our windows and doors are manufactured with aluminium facilitating the clean slim lines you see in our Garden Rooms.

All our windows and doors come in a standard grey finish but you can request any colour in your order. We can also accommodate your colour options for roof and/or apron capping.

Can I have my Garden Room attached as an extension to my house?

No, all our Garden Rooms are stand alone buildings and are constructed completely separately to the house. You cannot attach our Garden Rooms to an existing house.

Do I require planning permission for my Garden Room?

Garden Rooms 25 square metres (270 Sq ft) or under qualify for an exemption from planning permission once an area of 25 square metres remains in your garden and the Garden Rooms is used to enhance the family lifestyle

We are always happy to talk you through the full requirements for a planning exempt Garden Rooms.

Where does our Cedar come from?

All our cedar is Canadian Red Wood Cedar .

Sourced from: Vancouver Island, Canada

We only use 250-300 year old, 100% PEFC Certified cedar.

Our cedar has a class 2 Durability rating giving it a lifespan in excess of 40 years weather secured.

All the cedar is coastal grown Western Red Cedar and we guarantee it originated from a well-managed sustainable source.

Do I need to treat the cedar cladding?

Cedar will last for decades without requiring any artificial treatment however, over time, UV light will bleach the colour leaving the timber a silver/grey colour. We would prefer to protect the cedar with UV filter treatments during construction. This can be a clear stain or we can tint the treatment with oak or cedar stain. We recommend this is done every 2-3 years. We can offer a maintenance service if required.

Will I be warm enough in the winter?

Yes, Absolutely! All our Garden Rooms are double wall insulated as standard with 100mm earth wool and 25mm Kingspan insulation. As well as being thermally efficient they are also acoustically sound and will keep you very warm and cosy throughout the coldest winters. We can supply a combined heating/air-conditioning system that ensures maximum comfort year round. Our buildings are for year round use and we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of insulation.

How long from giving the go-ahead to work commencing?

On average it takes 6-8 weeks to order in all your doors, windows, capping etc. A typical installation then only takes between 10-15 working days depending on the size. This can work out slightly longer if you request any additional services, for example a bathroom.

How do I prepare the area before your team arrive on site?

We ask that the site is clear of existing structures, trees and shrubs. Tree stubs need to be cut down to ground level but it’s not necessary to remove tree roots underneath the ground. Grass is fine and we can build over existing patio slabs if you don’t want to remove them.

Can I build a Garden Room close to the boundary line with my neighbour?

Yes. We can build your Garden Rooms right up to the boundary line with your neighbour. Instead of using Cedar cladding on the boundary side we can install an aluminium cladding matching the RAL colour of the windows, doors and roof capping of your Garden Rooms. This comes with a 40 year weather security guarantee and happily does not require any ongoing maintenance.

What are your payment terms?

We break the payments down into 3 stages.

A 30% deposit on signing contracts.

50% on the first day of the build.

The final 20% on completion of the project when you are happy with everything.

Can I consult with a previous customer of Garden Room?

Yes, absolutely! We would be delighted as we have a long list of obliging customers dating back to 2003. We would be happy to email you contact details and would actively encourage you to contact them directly to see to see how they are getting on with their Garden Rooms and to hear their assessment of our service. The list also details what they use their Garden Rooms for, the size they opted for and any other details you might require.

Can a Garden Room be used as a Granny Flat?

No. Currently planning laws do not allow Garden Rooms to be used for residential purposes. Please refer to our Planning Permission for all of the detail on the current planning laws.

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