Home Gym

Home Gym

Imagine having a Home Gym at the end of your Garden path!

“Dealing with Garden Rooms was excellent. Everything was very easy. Even when the builders were onsite, we didn’t even know they were there. John is a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend Garden Rooms”

Linda, Dublin 6

Imagine having a Home Gym at the end of your Garden path! You can with a Garden Room Home Gym!

We recently called back to one of our more sporty clients Linda in Dublin 6.

Linda is an avid outdoor runner, however, the unreliable Irish weather means that an outdoor run is not always possible. Linda is delighted that even when the weather is particularly miserable she can still run, inside her Home Gym on her treadmill. Or, if the weather plays ball, she can complete her outdoor run and then return to her Garden Room to use the TRX cables and complete her stretches. No matter the weather, she does not have to disrupt her training routine. Gyms inside a room of a house tend to end up being used as extra space for storage or clothes drying. With Linda’s gym in her west facing Garden Room, it has created mindful and dedicated space. We love the personal touches that Linda has added to her Home Gym. The Garden Room fits perfectly into her Garden and appears as though it has always been there, surrounded by her beautiful garden.

Garden Rooms has created this private space for Linda to accommodate her treadmill, her rowing machine and strength and conditioning equipment. We supported the foundations of this Garden Room to ensure it was rigid enough to hold a treadmill and other equipment. We also supported the ceiling to support the TRX bands. Sockets were placed in the flooring to provide electricity to their machines.

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