Multipurpose Room – Dunboyne, Meath

Multipurpose Room – Dunboyne

“I use it for multiple things. I think that everybody should have one”

Liam Patel, Dunboyne, Meath

IT Manager and Executive Coach, Liam Patel and his wife Aileen, found that with 3 teenagers in the house the family was becoming pressed for space. Liam looked at various options such as an attic conversion or extension, and stumbled upon Garden Rooms, which provided the ideal solution. Liam & Aileen visited with a number of Garden Room’s suppliers and decided that overall, Garden Rooms simply provided the most exceptional product and service. Liam’s Garden Room was completed just before the Covid-19 lockdown commenced at the end of March 2020.

Liam’s Garden Room is used as a multi-purpose room. In one corner we have a desk complete with everything needed for Liam’s Home Office. From his desk, Liam can see his house through his south facing window yet feels separated from the home and therefore able to get in a great day’s work.

Liam has also used a section of his Garden Room to store his sports equipment, including his bicycle which is fixed to the wall, and a press containing all his cycling gear. In the remaining space we have a comfortable couch / seating area which is used by Liam for Coaching sessions with clients. At the end of the workday or on weekends Liam also uses this space to relax and watch Netflix, or the Six Nations!

We love the landscaping surrounding Liam’s Garden Room. With the Garden Room nestled in the corner of this beautiful Garden, it just fits perfectly.

Liam praises Garden Rooms for the fabulous build and accommodating nature of owner and director, John Sherry. Liam notes that Garden Rooms far exceeded his expectations. As per Liam, his Garden Room is so great that he comments ‘Everyone should have one!’

If you are finding yourself also needing extra space due to your own growing family, a Garden Room could work for you. Email us or give us a call on 01 864 2888.

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