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“Having my office located in the Garden provides a clear definition between home and work. I had an office in the house before but found it hard to switch off from work mode, now I can do that successfully.”

Cathal Mc Auliffe, Kilpatrick, Meath

Cathal needed a separate office space to work in from home. An area where he could be guaranteed peace, quiet and privacy to review client files which he found hard to do in his workplace office.

Since acquiring the GARDEN ROOM, which Cathal says has met all his needs, he feels the quality of his work and productivity have even improved greatly as a result of having this relaxing environment to work from and not having to commute to and from the office. He has the added advantage of being able to invite colleagues to confidential meetings there to discuss case files and clients in an idyllic environment with no interruptions.

We are very pleased to receive this feedback from Cathal and delighted that his Garden Room is proving to me the ideal location to focus on his work.

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