Multipurpose Room – Rathfarnham

Multipurpose Room, Rathfarnham

An exquisite Ultimate 27 multi purpose room design, with an added-on bathroom and the separate storage area.

“Very helpful and always willing to listen to your requirements. ”

Sean Murphy, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Sean Murphy and his family live in a 3 bed semi detached house with 2 children and were after some much needed space. For this family, moving within their area was not an option financially so a Garden Room was a perfect solution.

The Garden Room is an exquisite Ultimate 27, with an added-on bathroom and the separate storage area. The cedar is varnished with a clear SIOO oil, and with proper maintenance every 2-3 years, this Garden Room is set to last for 2-3 generations.

Sean’s Garden Room has many uses which he lists below–

  • A Home Office situated in a very quiet location with no outside noise. Sean uses this Home Office once or twice a week and finds it peaceful and tranquil.
  • A Kids party room – Sean’s daughter Rachel celebrated her 8th birthday with 20 friends  in the Garden Room this past October. It was nice and cosy and they had great fun!
  • Movie nights – Sean’s Kids can have friends over for movies. The kids are near enough to supervise and far enough away for some privacy.
  • Sleep overs – With the family originally from outside of Dublin, we have a couch bed for family & friends to stay over in.
  • Storage space – They have also incorporated additional storage space into the Garden Room
  • Man Cave – rarely, when Sean gets the opportunity!

Sean found dealing with Garden Rooms to be very professional, and 2 years down the line there have been no problems to deal with. Sean had the following to say about his dealings with Garden Rooms –

“Very helpful and always willing to listen to your requirements. John gave great advise and his expertise helped us make the right choice dividing the shed/bathroom/garden room correctly.”

Ph: 01 8642 888

Garden Rooms Is Still Open For BusinessAlthough we are in lockdown, this could be the perfect time to work on the design of your garden room.

We have downed tools on-site following the Taoiseach’s instructions for us to all self-isolate. This does not mean, however, that we are not still working and ready to help you make your garden room ideas a reality.

Physical site surveys are on hold at the moment, but virtual consultations are taking place and designs being produced. Virtual site surveys can be very successful and informative. We can answer any of your questions by phone, WhatsApp video or FaceTime.

Contact us with your details and with photos of your garden and we can send you our brochures and price list and arrange a time to so a virtual consultation with you.