Art Studio – Sandymount

Art Studio – Sandymount

Art Studio Garden Room

“It has given me legitimacy, it’s kind of like now I am a proper painter. I’ve arrived, I have my studio and I’m so proud of it!”

Gillian Murphy, Sandymount, Dublin

Gillian has been a Graphic Designer for over 20 years, working in a niche market doing graphic design for the drinks industry. 10 years ago, when her family relocated to Belgium, she also developed a passion for painting. On her return to Ireland, she continued her Graphic Design work and new found passion for painting, using the front room of her house. This room was also used as a guest room and was very dark. Gillian did not find this space creative at all and needed her own space. Her husband suggested a shed in the back garden!

Gillian put in a lot of research and kept coming back to Garden Rooms –

‘What I appreciated from John was his experience. This was a big step and I was very anxious. I needed advice and he was able to give that to me. He came to my house 2 or 3 times and went through everything with me. He was very hands on.’

Art Studios are generally best positioned facing northern light, so that you are not getting direct sunlight. Gillian’s Garden Room has been placed in the most suitable position to create a perfect space for her to complete both her Graphic Design work and painting.

Gillian also feels that by having a Garden Room she now has a separation from work and home, yet all of the convenience at her fingertips by having her studio in her garden. An added bonus is no daily commute and no sitting in traffic. Gillian can finish her painting for the day, leave her brushes and paints out and lock up. And return the next day with no disruption to her work.

Ph: 01 8642 888