Home Office/Library

Home Office/Library

“The office equipment fits in perfectly, with a place for everything”

Helen & Anne

Anne, a busy lecturer, needed a convenient quiet comfortable private space to enable her both to write and correct college papers and carry out reading and research uninterrupted as part of her working day. It also needed to be a combination of a productive office facilitating her PC and office essentials as well as a tranquil area conducive to study – a space which could facilitate her personalised library with easy access to manuals and books for fast and easy retrieval.

So what could be more convenient that her own back garden? A GARDEN ROOM was the ideal solution. Just by stepping into the garden she can mentally leave the main house behind and enter a warm welcoming zone of productivity, all her books easily accessible on display in her library. Her office equipment fits in perfectly, with a place for everything. Her choice of practical but comfortable furniture, colours and tones offers a soft easy space where relaxation is available but inspiration is never far away. Anne felt all her needs were met and recommends GARDEN ROOMs.

We were delighted to have provided a solution for her needs.

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