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Boomerang Rooms - Housing Generation Boomerang - Gardenrooms Dublin

With degrees and masters rapidly becoming the norm, alongside sky high rents and rising house prices, we are seeing more and more children staying at home into their late twenties and living in what have been called boomerang rooms. The latest statistics to be released from Census 2016 show that 458,874 adults aged 18 and over still live with their parents. The family home is being stretched to its limits, now having to cater for a family of adults. While the house may have managed to accommodate everyone before, it may not cope so well again with this new dynamic.

Housing Generation Boomerang

Many are labelling them Generation boomerang, because while children may leave home for a while, they are eventually moving back. It begs the question: when will Generation Boomerang move out? Whatever the answer to the current trends, a Garden Room can help make life easier for everyone in the house, by providing extra space.

Housing Generation Boomerang - Garden Rooms Ireland

Garden Rooms To Accommodate A Family

While family home remains the same size, the level of independence or privacy you want to offer your children is now different to when they were younger.

The Sheehan’s in Sandycove are a perfect example of a family that needed a Garden Room to accommodate a family of adults in the house. Kate and David contacted us 9 years ago and looked at getting us to build a Garden Room for them for their 3 teenager kids. At the time they changed direction and ended up putting their money into revamping their holiday home in Kenmare. Returning to the idea of a Garden Room years later, they explained that they now need the Garden Room more than ever, “We have a very busy house, with five adults. Over Christmas the eldest two returned from their travels and had their friends over in the house every other night catching up, if they have their respective friends over at the same time then it’s a spill over space”.

Garden Rooms to Accommodate a Family - Garden Rooms Dublin

We Just Don’t Have Enough Space!

With children returning home, one of the most frequent issues we hear of at Garden Rooms is simply: we just don’t have enough space. The latest chapter in the history of Garden Rooms is to provide a stylish solution that can adapt to the everchanging needs of family life, including the boomerang trend. Garden Rooms are often used as multipurpose rooms that can cater for everyone, what was once a boomerang room may later become a retirement hobby-room; what is used as a home office during the day might turn into a home-cinema at night, “The Garden Room is multi-use. At the moment its more being used as a study space but can a tranquil reading room- my husband loves spending time in there.” Kate notes that she wishes she’d had a Garden Room when she worked from home, “I had to be happy with a desk in the family room area. That was my only workspace, but to have it separate to the house is brilliant”.

Garden Room - Extra Space in the House with Boomerang Room

Planning Permission Free Boomerang Rooms

When the house is stretched to its limits, look to your Garden for extra space! Built under the planning exemption, you can escape the headache of planning permission for a Garden Room and easily create a dynamic space for your family’s needs. To learn more about our Boomerang Room solutions give us a call now on +353 1 8642 888 or contact us online for more info!