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Garden Rooms – The No. 1 Solution For Extra Space In Your Garden

John Sherry chats to Barbara Egan in the Sunday Times about how Garden Rooms.ie are taking over from house extensions and attics as the fastest growing solution for additional space in your home.

Joining the Cabin Crew

Gardenrooms.ie was fortunate to be featured in Barbara Egan’s article in the Move Section of the Sunday Times this past weekend. In the article – We’ve joined the cabin crew – not only does MD John Sherry give insight into Garden Rooms, 2 of our delighted customers also give their feedback on their personal experience with us, and how the Garden Room has enhanced their lifestyle.

John explains to Barbara how Garden Rooms was set up in 2003 whilst he was working in a furniture company. He realised that in most cases a desk was not enough for a home office, an entirely separate space was needed if a home office was to function efficiently.

Options For Creating Extra Space At Home

There are 3 main options for creating that extra space – an attic conversion being one option, an extension another, and of course a Garden Room.  Whilst both attic conversions and extensions can be costly and cause disruption to the family home, our Garden Rooms are built onsite within a fortnight, causing minimal disruption to the family home. There is also no need for planning permission, provided the internal space of the Garden Room is no more than 25 square meters, and there is 25 square meters of garden remaining to the back and side of the house.

Create Extra Space at Home

Happy Customer Feedback

The first of our delighted customers to give their feedback in the article was Julie O’Mahony who decided on one of our Ultimate designs in her Dublin 4 home. Julie’s Garden Room is being used as a multi-purpose room, including home office, guest accommodation, entertainment area and a study space for her teenage children. Julie also had a storage wall put in her Garden Room to accommodate bookshelves and a desk for study and is delighted that when the doors are closed the clutter disappears!

Also featured in the article was Sharon Curtain from Clonskeagh, who decided on a CUBE 23 with a cedar overhang which Sharon says has transformed the dynamic of her garden. Sharon also included a bathroom in her CUBE 23. With 4 children, ranging in ages from 8-17 and all with different needs and interests, Sharon and her family needed a separate, extra room.  Not only has Sharon’s Garden Room solved their need for this space, but in Sharon’s own words – ‘It looks fabulous and we love it!’

Garden Rooms for Urban Planning

Whilst Garden Rooms aren’t currently allowed to be lived in, John explains to Barbara that this is certainly an idea to consider to the future and could help with the housing crisis. A solution possibly for young adults saving for their first home, or empty nesters moving into a smaller structure when their children need a house. John highlights the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s amended development rules which include a ‘detachable habitable room’ – as an ‘acknowledgment of the usefulness of such rooms in our future urban planning’.

Extra Space in Your Garden - Garden Rooms

Extra Space In Your Garden

If you are in need of extra space, why not come and have a chat to us about our Garden Rooms and discover how we can help you create the solution you need. We have a showroom open 7 days a week, and also offer a free non-obligatory site survey at your house. With 15 years’ experience, our use of only the best quality materials and master craftsmanship, we can help you to create the extra space while adding value to your home and your family life.

Contact us online, email us on info@gardenrooms.ie or give us a call +353 1 864 2888 on for more information now.