Garden Rooms Featured in The Sunday Times

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Garden Rooms Featured in The Sunday Times

Grainne Rothery wrote about one of our customers Niamh O’Carroll, in the Sunday Times Business section. We were delighted with this because honestly you can quote statistics and sales but it’s ideal when you can read first hand the benefits it brings to a home and to a family on many levels, so this was great. We all want to hear and see real peoples actual experiences and this is one of the reasons we always offer potential clients the facility to contact former customers for themselves to hear how it all worked out for them.

Niamh wanted a room for her business that was set apart from their home as she had worked in every room in the house before investing in a Garden Room and she wanted somewhere that she could feel once she was there she was in work and once she was home it was family time. Pictured in her spacious and stylish Garden Room which is strictly her office during the week, she explained that, with three children ranging in age from 16, 14 down to 12 it has endless uses. This chameleon type room is used as a Home cinema at the weekends (they had a drop down screen and surround sound system installed), it’s also the ideal place for the kids to bring their friends for a chat and it’s a perfect space to use as a study room, for those sitting state, seasonal exams in school or project work and being just out the back it is removed from the main thoroughfare of the family home, making concentration much easier- It’s the answer to so many prayers! John agrees that the uses of a Garden Room are dictated by the ages of children in a household and this was certainly the case with Niamh.

Niamh can stroll down the garden path to go to work, no traffic jams, no traffic lights or lost commuting time. It’s a positive spin on being led down the Garden Path!

Read the full article in the Sunday Times here.

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