Garden Rooms Featured in The Sunday Business Post

Garden Rooms in the Sunday Business Post

Garden Rooms Featured in The Sunday Business Post

Tina-Marie O’Neill in the Sunday Business Post was checking out how sheds have become much more than somewhere to store spades. And she’s right, we used to store our garden tools, wellies and that bike that had a puncture for 2 years in the ‘shed’ but as Tina-Marie rightly alluded to …”Sheds have moved out of the shade and become chic”.

We were delighted she chose our Architecturally designed Garden Rooms as a case study to maximise outside space. Designers, she said “are turning them [Sheds]into beautiful spaces perfect for families who need more space on a budget” which is true, it’s exactly what we are doing. The number of people installing our GardenRooms is on the rise all around Ireland as a result of the housing market heating up again, with prices rising and increased competition for limited stock.

With no planning permission required up to a certain size homeowners and buyers are choosing to buy a GardenRoom which solves problems for those with homes that perhaps don’t fully meet their accommodation needs and the fact that they can have multiple uses is an answer to prayers for many….Office during the week and the children’s den at the weekends…you just have to put the old mucky spades and the punctured bike elsewhere!

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