Garden Rooms Featured in The Irish Times

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Garden Rooms Featured in The Irish Times

Ruth O’Connor wrote about John in the Irish Times business section entitled ‘Future Proof’ all about his experiences, good and bad within his businesses, between starting off and surviving the recession and now out the other side and looking to the future, with, and

When times get tough we really have to draw on our own resources to survive and learn from mistakes and in Ruth’s article this was apparent for John, he says in the early days he’d allowed and relied on the quality of his work and word-of-mouth to promote his business when he feels he should really have been shouting about it from the rooftops, but that was a confidence thing to be honest. He’s certainly not afraid to do so nowadays because he has faith in his products and having survived the downturn, he has a renewed confidence to promote them wholeheartedly. He’s good at judging trends and patterns and does his homework in terms of research. He knows customers have become very savvy about what they want and that they see GardenRooms as a third alternative to an attic conversion or an extension. Practicality is a given with a GardenRoom, they are multi-functional but John has also noticed that customers want more than space, they want something aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well so he had an architect design the rooms to meet the requirements of his customers.  It’s all about the customers and that’s the way it should be, that’s what we are all about here in!

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