Garden Rooms Featured in The Independent

Garden Rooms in the Irish Independent

Garden Rooms Featured in The Independent

We really enjoyed Eleanor Fleggs article on the benefits of Garden Rooms and were delighted to be included in it. Hankering after a Garden Room to work in herself she was beyond interested in all the benefits.

I reaffirmed our belief that from the family’s point of view, a GardenRoom creates a boundary and is an excellent place for teenagers to hang out, as Eleanor amusingly described them…“shy creatures that crave solitude, avoid daylight and become sociable after dark”.  As we well know these teens turn into young adults and seem to remain longer on the payroll now up until they’re 25 and it’s us parents who lose the front room. It starts when we encourage the teenagers to have friends around, then all of a sudden we’re sitting up in bed at 10pm on a Saturday night watching Netflix while they’re having a great time downstairs and we are left wondering when that happened!

Simply relocating all that activity to the bottom of the garden means we parents can reclaim the front room again!

Eleanor outlined the costs of our GardenRooms and the optional extras available, how well insulated they are and the fact that up to a certain size they’re exempt from planning permission and we were delighted! Thanks Eleanor!

Check out the article here!

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Garden Rooms Is Still Open For BusinessAlthough we are in lockdown, this could be the perfect time to work on the design of your garden room.

We have downed tools on-site following the Taoiseach’s instructions for us to all self-isolate. This does not mean, however, that we are not still working and ready to help you make your garden room ideas a reality.

Physical site surveys are on hold at the moment, but virtual consultations are taking place and designs being produced. Virtual site surveys can be very successful and informative. We can answer any of your questions by phone, WhatsApp video or FaceTime.

Contact us with your details and with photos of your garden and we can send you our brochures and price list and arrange a time to so a virtual consultation with you.