A Garden Room For A Commercial Cube in The Rutland Center!

A Garden Room for a Commercial Cube in the Rutland Centre - Garden Rooms Ireland

A Garden Room For A Commercial Cube in The Rutland Center!

One of Garden Rooms most successful projects to date, was constructed for the Rutland Centre in mid-2015. The CUBE 25 model, designed with commercial use in mind, serves primarily as a counselling room while providing the additional benefit of hosting staff development events. Declan Murray, a Senior Counsellor at the Rutland Centre views the extra space provided by the Garden Room as its main benefit. “We were very tight for space here, and decided to acquire a Garden Room to alleviate the pressure.” A lack of space was posing a problem to the Commercial side of the Rutland Centre, and was a driving factor in their investment in a commercially sized Garden Room. The Rutland’s Garden Room has allowed them to increase the number of clients they see, making it a economic asset to the business.

The Commercial Benefits Of A Garden Room

The Commercial Benefits Of A Garden Room - Garden Rooms IrelandIn addition to the extra space on offer, there are a number of additional commercial benefits associated with the Rutland Centre’s Garden Room.

“There has been the enhancement factor of bringing our beautiful garden into our work”

says Declan, who was instrumental in securing the Garden Room for practical business purposes. The garden in the Rutland Centre is a quiet, peaceful haven for patients and the addition of a Garden Room has added to the beauty of the garden. Clients can now attend counselling sessions in the heart of the garden. Another practical benefit of the Garden Room is the ease with which it can be accessed.

“Clients can come and go without interruption to the main building”.

With the sensitive nature of the business of the Rutland Centre, Declan highlighted both ease of access and the seclusion of the Garden Room as major commercial assets.

Garden Room Project Planning & Delivery

In terms of planning the project, from inception through to construction Declan was very satisfied in his dealings with Garden Rooms, particularly with regards to the delicate nature of the work carried out at the centre. “Garden Rooms were diligent in all aspects of the project and delivered on each of the commitments they made.” The commercial cube has been proven to be a success. Both clients and staff approve, and frequently request that meetings and counselling be held there.

Rutland Centre Garden Room Review - Garden Rooms Dublin

“The Rutland Centre would not hesitate to recommend Garden Rooms for commercial use. The space delivered on all of our expectations.” The glowing review provided by Declan is testament to the suitability that Garden Rooms offer as commercial units. Each CUBE in our range is guaranteed to be delivered and built to a very high standard, and within the stated time spec.

Commercial Cube Of Your Own

If you are thinking of expanding your business, regardless of industry or size then consider investing in a commercial Garden Room. Your business can only benefit. Give us a call today on +353 1 8642 888, contact us online or come and visit our showrooms to see for yourself what a Garden Room can offer commercially!