Full House? Time To Build in The Garden


Full House? Time To Build in The Garden

We really enjoyed Orna Mulcahy’s article in the Irish Times (20 August 2016) featuring our Garden Rooms with stunning photographs by Nathalie Marquez-Courtney.

Solutions For Cluttered Homes

Orna was focusing on how homes can, at a certain stage, become so full and cluttered that families need to look for solutions. The top three usually rank as a house move, building an extension or an attic conversion. However, there is fourth solution which is less expensive and a lot less trouble. With a garden room you can make use of space already available to you!

Orna focussed on one of our customers, Niamh in Glasnevin, a mother of three teenagers who runs her own business from home who, when the family decided they needed to address the issue of space, decided to opt for a stand-alone garden house with home space for work, study and a sizeable seating area for relaxing when the day is done and we were delighted they chose us here in www.gardenrooms.ie


An Office & More In The Garden

Niamh now works in the garden room during the day, and at night it’s a place where one or other of her teenagers can study (a real benefit being that you can switch off the wifi!) or have their friends around.

“It’s a quiet space and on Sundays I come here to read the papers, and it works really well for parties. I have my book club here too. For movie nights a big screen drops down in front of our big family sofa.”

No Planning Permission Required For Garden Rooms

With no planning permission required and little disruption to the main house in the two weeks it took to construct, Niamh said it was a perfect solution. We here in Gardenrooms.ie are delighted with this wonderful feedback and thanks to Orna for featuring us as the go to company for garden rooms.


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